Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Time to Trek Again! This time with Running, Hiking, and even Cycling!

Be watching this space over the coming weeks!  

We are in the process of creating and participating in multiple events over the next THREE YEARS in support of our next Working Group in Zimbabwe!


Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Sorry for the missed blog days for 5 - 9, battery life and data limits were low and we had some long days.

We summited Mt. Kilimanjaro and reached Uhuru Peak at 3:20PM local time on Sunday September 22nd after 10 hours of hiking the challenging incline, but the entire team made it!

When we returned to the hotel in Moshi, and were close to an Internet "source" again, Rob checked email and got an update from ZOE on donated funds and WE HAVE SURPASSED OUT GOAL OF $19340 for ZOE thanks to a lot of you!

We are extremely blessed to have God by our side the entire way and to be able to trust in his will and grace during this 2 year endeavor for the team.

Most pictures right now, including the summit picture is off our Facebook page:


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 4: We all needed a little ALTITUDE adjustment

Today we got to the highest altitude anyone of us have been:  15200 feet at Lava Tower where we ate lunch.

The trek for the day was not as intense as day 2, but because of the altitude it was challenging for the team.  We only hiked around 5 miles total but it took us 6 hours to accomplish. Coming down into Barranco camp was AWESOME and very beautiful:  waterfalls and awesome flowers!  Felt like we were on another planet!

Camping at only 13100 feet this evening and will tackle the Barranco wall tomorrow!

Next post will be after summit, hopefully, with the hope ALSO to Skype from the summit on Sunday but no promises.  We will be on summit for a very short time (15-30 minutes and MAYBE longer depending how we are feeling).

And it's David's birthday!

Love to everyone back home!

Day 3: Moir Camp and thanks to our sponsors

First off, we can not share our posts to Facebook so if someone can please share them out to our Facebook page "Trekkin' for ZOE".  We really apprecitate it!  Secondly, not sure how many more posts we will be able to do as our laptop can not be charged and we may not be able to post much more.  So just be watching.

Today we had a BEAUTIFUL hike from Shira Camp to Moir Camp over lava fields that were stunning!  We hiked for about 5 hours and it was not quite as intense as yesterday.  Moir Camp is at 13700 feet where we will be staying the night.

Off to Lava Tower and Barranco Camp tomorrow.

Thanks to all of our corporate sponsors for supporting ZOE:  Electronic Control Solutions, Far Packaging, MCR, David Anthony's, Rainscapes, Strong Missions, Logzilla, and Art House.

And thanks to all of our family, friends, and coworkers who have supported this endeavor for ZOE!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 2: Trek Up and Down

Today we left Big Tree camp for Shira Camp 1 around 8:30AM after a wonderful breakfast. 

This day definitely was a challenge (you're right Tomas).  We went up and down hills and valleys MULTIPLE times over rocks and roots, leaving the forest area into the heather area of Kili where we spent most of the time in these "up and downs".  The hike was DEFINTELY worth it when we came across the ridge towards Shira and smack dab in front of us was the CLEAREST view of Kilimanjaro for the first time!  SPECTACULAR!

Arrived at Shira Camp around 3PM and the warm water bath we all had was AWESOME considering the dust we stirred up today on the trail  The weather today was AGAIN beautiful!  Sun was hot making for some heat in the Heather.

Team is all well and doing great physcially.  Spirits are high and everyone is getting along.

Thanks for all the prayers back home!  Keep it up as the team will be needing it over the next few days for sure as we continue to climb higher.

Day 1: Kilimanjaro START OF OUR HIKE

Today Auston, David, John, Roger and Rob started our trek of Kilimanjaro for the ZOE children.

We first all signed in at the Londoros Gate to the park and then made a VERY interesting 1 hour road trip to the Lemosha route starting point, mostly dirt road with a TON of ruts. THANK GOODNESS it was dry. That ride would have have been horrible had it been raining.

Our guides Elias and Guadence led the way as we started out. We hiked up through the forest and saw a couple monkeys along the way to Big Tree camp. We only hiked for about 3 hours and and arrived at Big Tree camp around 5PM. Tusker had hot tea and hot water for "bathing" when we arrived. Elevation at this camp was at around 9200 feet. We started around 6200 feet. Camp was crowded with hikers and the weather and evening was perfect! We all hit the "sack" around 8:30PM.