Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 1: Kilimanjaro START OF OUR HIKE

Today Auston, David, John, Roger and Rob started our trek of Kilimanjaro for the ZOE children.

We first all signed in at the Londoros Gate to the park and then made a VERY interesting 1 hour road trip to the Lemosha route starting point, mostly dirt road with a TON of ruts. THANK GOODNESS it was dry. That ride would have have been horrible had it been raining.

Our guides Elias and Guadence led the way as we started out. We hiked up through the forest and saw a couple monkeys along the way to Big Tree camp. We only hiked for about 3 hours and and arrived at Big Tree camp around 5PM. Tusker had hot tea and hot water for "bathing" when we arrived. Elevation at this camp was at around 9200 feet. We started around 6200 feet. Camp was crowded with hikers and the weather and evening was perfect! We all hit the "sack" around 8:30PM.

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