Thursday, September 19, 2013

Day 4: We all needed a little ALTITUDE adjustment

Today we got to the highest altitude anyone of us have been:  15200 feet at Lava Tower where we ate lunch.

The trek for the day was not as intense as day 2, but because of the altitude it was challenging for the team.  We only hiked around 5 miles total but it took us 6 hours to accomplish. Coming down into Barranco camp was AWESOME and very beautiful:  waterfalls and awesome flowers!  Felt like we were on another planet!

Camping at only 13100 feet this evening and will tackle the Barranco wall tomorrow!

Next post will be after summit, hopefully, with the hope ALSO to Skype from the summit on Sunday but no promises.  We will be on summit for a very short time (15-30 minutes and MAYBE longer depending how we are feeling).

And it's David's birthday!

Love to everyone back home!