Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 2: Trek Up and Down

Today we left Big Tree camp for Shira Camp 1 around 8:30AM after a wonderful breakfast. 

This day definitely was a challenge (you're right Tomas).  We went up and down hills and valleys MULTIPLE times over rocks and roots, leaving the forest area into the heather area of Kili where we spent most of the time in these "up and downs".  The hike was DEFINTELY worth it when we came across the ridge towards Shira and smack dab in front of us was the CLEAREST view of Kilimanjaro for the first time!  SPECTACULAR!

Arrived at Shira Camp around 3PM and the warm water bath we all had was AWESOME considering the dust we stirred up today on the trail  The weather today was AGAIN beautiful!  Sun was hot making for some heat in the Heather.

Team is all well and doing great physcially.  Spirits are high and everyone is getting along.

Thanks for all the prayers back home!  Keep it up as the team will be needing it over the next few days for sure as we continue to climb higher.


  1. Keep it up. Enjoy reading about the adventure.
    D Harris

  2. God is in front of you. God is behind you. God surrounds you.
    Go get that mountain!!